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carry oneselfTo behave, especially with respect to how one's speech, body language, facial expressions, and grooming convey one's opinion concerning oneself.Rate it:
carry outTo hold while moving something out.Rate it:
carry outTo fulfill.Rate it:
carry overUsed other than as an idiom. To transport over by carrying.Rate it:
carry overTo transfer (something) to a later point in time.Rate it:
carry overThis term needs a definition. Please help out and add a definition, then remove the text {{rfdef}}.Rate it:
carry overTo inherit, to inspireRate it:
carry someone's waterTo do someone's bidding; to serve someone's interests.Rate it:
carry the canTo take responsibility, especially in a challenging situation.Rate it:
carry the mailTo work diligently; to serve as the principal performer of a demanding task or set of tasks.Rate it:
carry the message to garciaTo perform a requisite task despite obstacles.Rate it:
carry the message to garciaTo perform a requisite task without having been informed specifically by what method to do so.Rate it:
carry throughTo manage to execute; to perform successfully, all the way to the end.Rate it:
carry water forTo perform menial tasks for; to serve; to assist.Rate it:
cart offto transport (someone), especially someone who is incapable of movementRate it:
carve outTo hollow by carving.Rate it:
carve outTo create (a reputation, chance, role, rank, career, victory) by hard work, or as if by cutting.Rate it:
carved in stoneUnchangeable.Rate it:
case closedThe above is meant as final, not subject to amendation or variation.Rate it:
case closedUsed other than as an idiom: A case is closed; specifically, a police investigation or similar is resolved.Rate it:
case in pointAn example that illustrates a point.Rate it:
cash cowA product, service, or enterprise that generates ongoing, high net free cash flows.Rate it:
cash cowSomeone or something which is a dependable source of appreciable amounts of money; a moneymaker.Rate it:
cash inTo profit from; to use an opportunity to maximum advantage, especially financially.Rate it:
cash in one's chipsTo discontinue an activity, accepting whatever gains or losses one has incurred; to give up.Rate it:
cash in one's chipsTo die.Rate it:
cash on the barrelheadMoney in the form of paper currency or coins, paid immediately at the time and place of a transaction.Rate it:
cash upto count the money taken by a business at the end of the day.Rate it:
cash upto earn moneyRate it:
cask wineUsed other than as an idiom: see cask, wine.Rate it:
cask wineWine that is sealed in a plastic bladder and packaged in a cardboard box.Rate it:
cast a shadowUsed other than as an idiom: see cast, shadow.Rate it:
cast a shadowTo dampen future events.Rate it:
cast asideto discardRate it:
cast aspersionsTo make damaging or spiteful remarks.Rate it:
cast awayTo discard.Rate it:
cast awayTo abandon or maroon.Rate it:
cast offTo discard or reject something.Rate it:
cast offTo let go a cable or rope securing a vessel to a buoy, wharf etc so that she may proceed.Rate it:
cast offTo finish the last row of knitted stitches and remove them securely from the needle.Rate it:
cast onTo start the first row of knitting by putting stitches on a needle.Rate it:
cast one's voteTo vote for something.Rate it:
cast pearls before swineTo give things of value to those who will not understand or appreciate it.Rate it:
cast the first stoneTo act self-righteously in accusing another person, believing that one is blameless.Rate it:
cast up one's accountsTo vomit.Rate it:
cast/shed/throw light on sthto make a problem,etc easier to understandRate it:
casting couchA sofa on which a jobseeker is expected to perform sexual acts in return for a part in a film or other job.Rate it:
casting couchThe situation as described above.Rate it:
castle in the airA visionary project or scheme; a day-dream; an idle fancy; a pipe dream; any plan, desire, or idea that is unlikely to be ever realized; a near impossibility.Rate it:
casu consultoAccidentally on purpose: something done deliberately, though apparently accidentally.Rate it:

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