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calm downTo become less excited, intense, or angryRate it:
calm your titsCalm down! (Used to tell someone to relax when they are agitated, angry, overexcited, etc.)Rate it:
Cambric TeaPlace one Tsp Sugar, one 1/4 Cup Milk in Mug or Coffee Cup, Add boiling Water to Brim While Stirring: When Temperature of 'Tea' Becomes Drinkable, You 'KIDZ" Drink Your 'Cambric Tea'; B-4 It Gitz KOLD!Rate it:
camel through the eye of a needleHyperbole to illustrate that something is almost impossible to do or to happen.Rate it:
camel's noseA metaphor for a situation where the permitting of some small act will lead consequently to a larger undesirable act or circumstance.Rate it:
can itTo silence; to quit doing something; to put an end to something.Rate it:
can of wormsA complex, troublesome situation arising when a decision or action produces considerable subsequent problems.Rate it:
can of wormsA troublesome situation; an issue whose resolution is difficult or contentious, but not necessarily complex.Rate it:
can't get enoughTo greatly enjoy; to like a lotRate it:
can't make ends meetTto earn just enough money to avoid getting into debt.Rate it:
can't seemSeem to be unable.Rate it:
can't seemUsed other than as an idiom: see can't, seem.Rate it:
can't standhateRate it:
can't waitTo eagerly anticipate; to find it unbearable to wait for a forthcoming pleasurable event.Rate it:
canary in a coal mineSomething whose sensitivity to adverse conditions makes it a useful early indicator of such conditions; something which warns of the coming of greater danger or trouble by a deterioration in its health or welfare.Rate it:
cancel outTo neutralize the effect of something.Rate it:
candle in the windA fragile or vulnerable thing, likely to be put in jeopardy.Rate it:
candy-coatTo sugarcoatRate it:
cannon fodderMilitary personnel who are regarded as expendable when attacking the enemy.Rate it:
cap it all offTo finish or complete something.Rate it:
cap it all offTo surpass or outdo something.Rate it:
cap offTo finish.Rate it:
cap over the windmillIn a crazed manner.Rate it:
captain of industryA prominent business person who owns or is the highest-ranking executive of one or more major firms, especially one who has considerable wealth and influence.Rate it:
car boot salesselling eventsRate it:
carbon copyduplicateRate it:
care packageA package sent from home or from friends or family, containing favorite foods or comfort items.Rate it:
cargo-200the code word referring to casualties for transportation in the Soviet and modern Russian military. In its official meaning, Cargo 200 refers to bodies contained in zinc-lined coffins, but in military context this code word can be used for dead bodies as they are transported from the battlefield.Rate it:
carpe diemseize the day, make the most of today, enjoy the presentRate it:
carpe diemSeize the DAYRate it:
carpe diem crasseize the day tomorrow, make the most of tomorrowRate it:
carried awayMade excessively emotional or excited.Rate it:
carrot and stickSimultaneous rewards for good behavior and punishments for bad behavior.Rate it:
carry a torchMaintain a quiet emotional interest in another.Rate it:
carry a torch for[2] To harbor feelings of love despite not being in a relationship; generally unrequited or after a relationship has ended, and sometimes implying secret feelings. There is the implication of keeping hope alive.Rate it:
carry a torch forRemain feel the pain of unreciprocated love for.Rate it:
carry a tuneTo produce music, especially to sing, with accurate pitch.Rate it:
carry awayTo break under sudden pressure of violent wind.Rate it:
carry coals to newcastleTo do something that is unneeded or redundant.Rate it:
carry forwardThis term needs a definition. Please help out and add a definition, then remove the text {{rfdef}}.Rate it:
carry offKnowledge, confidence, or familiarity.Rate it:
carry offTo transport away.Rate it:
carry onTo act or behave; especially to act or behave so as to attract attention.Rate it:
carry onTo continue or proceed as before.Rate it:
carry onTo have an illicit sexual liaison.Rate it:
carry onTo have or maintain.Rate it:
carry onTo take baggage or luggage onto an airplane, rather than check it.Rate it:
carry one's own weightA variant of carry one's weight.Rate it:
carry one's weightTo contribute or produce one's fair share, as of work, money, etc.Rate it:
carry oneselfTo move, especially emphasising the manner in which one moves.Rate it:

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