Found 210 phrases starting with BU:

bubble overTo be very enthusiastic, or highly excited.Rate it:
buck feverExcitement and nervousness felt by a new hunter upon seeing game.Rate it:
buck forTo strive for persistently; to try hard to obtain (a promotion, raise, etc.).Rate it:
buck nakedCompletely naked.Rate it:
buck offTo cause to fall off.Rate it:
buck upCheer up; take courage; take heart.Rate it:
buck upHurry up; make haste.Rate it:
bucket downTo rain heavily.Rate it:
bucket listA list of things to accomplish before one's death. [Circa 2007]Rate it:
bucket listUsed other than as an idiom: see bucket, list.Rate it:
bucket of boltsA piece of machinery that is not worth more than its scrap value, often of old cars.Rate it:
buckle downTo put forth the needed effort; to focus; become serious; apply oneself.Rate it:
buckle upTo fasten one's seat belt or safety belt.Rate it:
buckle-up and beginStart with Confidence:Rate it:
Buckley's and noneA supposed two chances (probabilities), being Buckley's chance (meaning a very small chance) or no chance at all.Rate it:
Buckley's chanceA very small chance; no chance at all.Rate it:
budge upTo move or scoot over in order to make room for someone, especially when sitting.Rate it:
buff outTo remove paint or light scratches from the surface by friction, wearing it out by polishing or blasting with sand or by employing some similar method.Rate it:
buff outto bring something to proper shape by removing or masking minor defects, by straightening out the residual shortcomings.Rate it:
buff the muffinTo masturbate.Rate it:
buff upto improveRate it:
buff upto shine; to make shinyRate it:
buff upto become more muscularRate it:
buff upto study hard to learn a particular subjectRate it:
bug in her bonnetSomething Is Bothering Her, Irritating Her:Rate it:
bug offUsed to tell somebody to leave them alone.Rate it:
bug outHastily.Rate it:
bug outTo abandon someone without warning.Rate it:
bug outMiss school, play truant, play hooky.Rate it:
bug outTo cause to bulge.Rate it:
bugger allNothing.Rate it:
bugger offGo away.Rate it:
bugger offAn expression of disagreement or disbelief.Rate it:
bugger upTo break or spoil something, or make it inoperative, useless etc.Rate it:
Buggins's turnThe appointment of a person by rotation or promotion, on the basis of length of service (it being that person's "turn") rather than merit or level of qualification.Rate it:
build a better mousetrapTo invent the next great thing; to have a better idea.Rate it:
build bridgesTo form links or friendly relations.Rate it:
build castles in the airTo imagine visionary projects or schemes; to daydream; to have an idle fancy, a pipe dream or any plan, desire, or idea that is unlikely to be realized.Rate it:
build on sandTo put something in an unstable position by failing to give it a secure foundation.Rate it:
build upTo strengthen.Rate it:
build upTo accumulate, to pile up.Rate it:
built like a brick shithouseExceptionally well constructed; strong or tough.Rate it:
built like a brick shithouseOf a person, with an exceptionally well-developed chest.Rate it:
built like a tankBroad shouldered and of solid, muscular build.Rate it:
built like a tankSturdy; exceptionally well constructed.Rate it:
bulgerA driver or a brassy with a convex face.Rate it:
bulgerA capacitor with a bulging top.Rate it:
bulk billUsed other than as an idiom: see bulk, bill.Rate it:
bulk billTo invoice the government or insurer, and not the patient, for medical expenses incurred at a general practitioner or other medical service provider.Rate it:
bulk billingThe process whereby a general practitioner or other medical service provider charges the government for medical expenses incurred by a patient.Rate it:

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