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brace of shakesA very short time.Rate it:
brace of shakesThe time taken for a sail to shake or shiver twice as a ship comes into the wind.Rate it:
bragging rightsThe prerogative to praise oneself for an accomplishment or for possession of a superior characteristic.Rate it:
brain bucketA protective helmet, as worn, for example, by a motorcyclist, bicyclist, or soldier in combat.Rate it:
brain bucketThe skull.Rate it:
brain candyA narrative, commentary, etc. which amuses and holds one's attention, but which lacks intellectual depth or importance.Rate it:
brain crampA temporary mental lapse, such as an inability to remember something, to focus one's attention, to understand something, or to perform some other mental task of which one would ordinarily be capable.Rate it:
brain fartA lapse in the thought process; an inability to think or remember something clearly.Rate it:
brain fartSomething ill-considered and said or done impulsively.Rate it:
brain surgeonSomeone very intelligent.Rate it:
brain surgeonSomeone who does brain surgery.Rate it:
brain surgerySomething that is overly complex, detailed or confusing.Rate it:
brain surgerySurgery on any part of the nervous system, especially the brain; neurosurgery.Rate it:
brain teaserpuzzleRate it:
brain-deadHaving an irreversible loss of brain function and cessation of brain activity.Rate it:
brain-deadHaving no useful thoughts; stupid; ditzy.Rate it:
brainiacSomeone who seems to know facts and trivia about everything.Rate it:
brainwashedBecome convinced of an outlandish proposition, accept the validity of a ridiculous statement or concept.Rate it:
brake pedalcar partRate it:
branch offto diverge into two or more separate paths.Rate it:
branch outTo expand in the manner of branches.Rate it:
branch outTo attempt something new or different, but related.Rate it:
brass farthingSomething worthless or of small value.Rate it:
brass monkeyA cocktail of vodka, rum and orange juice, sometimes with the addition of galliano.Rate it:
brass monkeyA kind of inexpensive liqueur.Rate it:
brass monkeyAn Australian beer.Rate it:
brass monkeySaid of the weather when it is very cold.Rate it:
brass monkeysVery cold.Rate it:
brass neckA person with gall.Rate it:
brass neckGall, shamelessness, cheek.Rate it:
brass ringOne and one half inch diameter iron rings were offered riders on a Carousel by a dispensing device alongside: A Brass Ring was inserted into the dispenser at random. The Carousel Rider who succeeded in snatching the Brass Ring was rewarded A Free Ride upon return to the Operator of the Brass Ring:Rate it:
brass ringFiguratively, a prize or goal. Often used with respect to employment goals e.g. promotion, better job, etc.Rate it:
brass-neckTo behave boldly or shamelessly.Rate it:
brass-neckedNervy; cheeky; shameless.Rate it:
brassed offfed upRate it:
brave outTo tolerate or put up with bravelyRate it:
brazen outTo face up to or confront without shameRate it:
bread and butterBread spread with butter.Rate it:
bread and butterThat which is central or fundamental, as to one's business, survival, or income; a staple or cornerstone.Rate it:
bread-and-butterUsed other than as an idiom: see bread, and, butter.Rate it:
bread-and-butterRelating to basic sustenance or the requirements for everyday living for the masses.Rate it:
bread-and-butterA general saying used to ward off bad luckRate it:
bread-and-butterA saying specifically used to ward off bad luck when separating hands to walk either side of a treeRate it:
breadwinnerThe member of a household who earns all or most of the incomeRate it:
break a lawTo violate a law.Rate it:
break a leggood luckRate it:
break a legA wish for a successful performance; primarily a valediction to an actor wishing him or her a successful theatrical stage performance.Rate it:
break a legTo perform well in a theatrical production or comparable endeavor.Rate it:
break a sweat , Karon Karter - The Complete Idiots Guide to the Pilates Method page 119.Rate it:
break a sweatJanuary 2008, The Age - Walkovers blaze a trail for women's equal-pay theory.Rate it:

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