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bo jookBluffing.Rate it:
board outto send (children or pets) to stay with other people (or to boarding school, in the case of children)Rate it:
board upTo block doors or windows with boards, either to prevent access or as protection from storms, etc.Rate it:
Bob's your uncle"No problem", "the solution is simple", "there you have it", you have what you want, all will be well; indicates a desirable conclusion has been reached.Rate it:
bobby on the beata police officerRate it:
body blowA hard punch struck to the torso.Rate it:
body blowA serious setback; a traumatizing event which prevents or hinders continuation of an activity.Rate it:
body EnglishA body motion made to coax an object already propelled go in a desired direction. For example, a nervous leaning or twisting movement while playing sports such as golf or bowling, to "persuade" the ball to go in a desired direction.Rate it:
body of waterUsed other than as an idiom: see body, of, water.Rate it:
body of waterAny significant accumulation of water, usually covering the Earth or another planet, such as a river, lake or a bay.Rate it:
bog into start eating with gutsoRate it:
bog into halt the progress ofRate it:
bog offTo leave, to go away.Rate it:
bog standardEspecially plain, ordinary, or unremarkable; having no special, excess or unusual features; plain vanilla.Rate it:
bogged downStuck, as if in a bog.Rate it:
bogged downStuck; mired, as in detail, difficulty; delayed or made slower.Rate it:
boil downAs an allusion to the cooking technique of reducing liquids by heat, one boils down a problem, argument, etc. to its most central elements.Rate it:
boil down toto be equivalent to; to reduce to.Rate it:
boil overTo boil to such an extent as to overflow its container.Rate it:
boil overTo reach the point where aggressive action is taken.Rate it:
boil upTo cook by boiling.Rate it:
boil upTo become more excited, intense or exciting.Rate it:
boiling frogWhen referring to a situation gradually becoming worse, without those involved realizing the peril affecting them until it's too late.Rate it:
boiling hotextremely hot (having a high temperature: of an object, the weather, a living creature)Rate it:
boiling madextremely angryRate it:
boiling pointThe temperature at which a liquid boils, with the vapor pressure equal to the given external pressure.Rate it:
boiling pointThe state of being heated, with high aggression.Rate it:
bold as brassVery bold; very brave.Rate it:
boldly go where no man has gone beforeTo break new ground.Rate it:
bolt bucketA machine, especially an automobile. Implies that the machine is clunky or unreliable.Rate it:
bomb aroundThe drive around at speed for pleasure.Rate it:
bomb outTo fail; to produce no or very poor results; to drop out of or be eliminated from a competition.Rate it:
bone dryCompletely dry; without any trace of moisture.Rate it:
bone idlelazyRate it:
bone of contentionSomething that continues to be disputed; something on which no agreement can be reached.Rate it:
bone upTo study or cram, especially in order to refresh one's knowledge of a topic.Rate it:
bone-crunchingVery violent or hard.Rate it:
bone-deepExtremely deep or profound (emotionally)Rate it:
bone-drytotally dry; without moisture.Rate it:
bone-idleutterly lazyRate it:
bone-shakingrattly, unsteady, ricketyRate it:
boo booblunderRate it:
booby prizeA prize or status, often unwelcome, awarded as a joke or disincentive to the loser of a contest or for poor performance.Rate it:
boogie on downto go (to a place or event)Rate it:
book inregisterRate it:
boom or bust!In A Difficult Challenging Situation, Decide To Go For Broke, Go For Success Or Failure!Rate it:
boomshankaA wish of happiness. Purportedly a literal translation (from an unknown language) is, "May the seed of your loin be fruitful in the belly of your woman"Rate it:
boot campA short, intensive, quasi-military program generally aimed at young offenders as an alternative to a jail term.Rate it:
boot campAny short, intensive course of training.Rate it:
boot campIndoctrination, physical fitness training and basic instruction in service-related subjects for recruits in the Navy and Marine Corps.Rate it:

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