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beat upTo feel badly guilty and accuse oneself over something. Usually followed by over.Rate it:
beat upRepeatedly bomb a military target or targets.Rate it:
beat upTo get something done, derived from the idea of beating for game.Rate it:
beat upTo verbally assault repeatedly.Rate it:
beat your arseDepression Expression of threatened punishment if the child or youth ever repeated the act or expression.Rate it:
beating around the bushAvoiding factual responses, offering evasive statements, presenting dubious evidence.Rate it:
beats meEvent, proposition, arrangement, of such complexity that it is beyond belief.Rate it:
beats meI don't know; I have no idea.Rate it:
Beaut {bute}- - aka BeautyA Pretty Girl or Attractive Woman Pulchritudinous Female, A Sweet Woman, What More Do You Desire?Rate it:
beautiful peopleFashionable, privileged, glamorous people, especially those belonging to international high society.Rate it:
beauty is in the eye of the beholderIndividuals have different inclinations on what is beautiful. Individuals have different beauty standards.Rate it:
beauty is only skin deepWhat matters is a person's character, rather than his/her appearance.Rate it:
beauty markOr artificially using cosmetics.Rate it:
beauty queenThe female winner of a beauty contest.Rate it:
beauty sleepC. 1900, Ralph Connor, The Man From Glengarry, ch. 23.Rate it:
beauty sleepExtra sleep or a special nap.Rate it:
beauty sleepSleep before midnight, on the belief that early sleep hours conduce to health and beauty.[1].Rate it:
beauty spotmoleRate it:
beaver awayTo busily undertake a large task.Rate it:
because you touch yourself at nightUsed to humourously deflect a request for a reason.Rate it:
beck and callSummons and control, in a position of servitude or as an attendant.Rate it:
become ofto happen to, to occur to.Rate it:
become one fleshTo join together in marriage; to develop a unifying bond as a result of marrying.Rate it:
bed blockerAn elderly hospitalized person who is too infirm to return home but not sufficiently ill to necessitate continued hospitalization, creating a situation in which his or her hospital stay is prolonged while authorities or relatives search for a suitable placement amid the scarce resources of nursing homes or other long-term care facilities.Rate it:
bed downTo lie down to sleep for the night, usually of livestock or machinery.Rate it:
bed downTo put an animal to rest for the night.Rate it:
bed downThe act of lying down, reclining, preparing for sleep by assuming a supine position/reclining/upon or in a quiet, comfortable venue.Rate it:
bed into settle, to make [someone] feel at homeRate it:
bed of rosesA comfortable or luxurious position.Rate it:
bed of rosesA pleasant or easy situation.Rate it:
bed them downTo ​lie down ​somewhere, usually ​somewhere different from where you usually ​sleep, in ​order to go to ​sleep.Rate it:
bed them downAnimal husbandry term. Domesticated animals are treated in the USA with tender loving care. Caretakers of animals provide comfortable resting and sleeping places for the nighttime.Rate it:
beddableSexually attractive.Rate it:
beddable[...] feminine, great body great legs great taste, trained and beddable, Jesus, how beddable.Rate it:
beddy-byeBedtime for a toddler, going to sleep, going to bed.Rate it:
bedroom eyesEyes that have a sexually suggestive expression.Rate it:
bee in one's bonnetSomething of particular interest or concern; an obsession.Rate it:
bee's kneesSomething excellent, outstanding.Rate it:
beef to the hoofFat, chubby, particularly with fat legs.Rate it:
beef upto strengthen or reinforce; to add substance toRate it:
beefcakeUsed other than as an idiom: see beef, cake.Rate it:
beefcakeImagery of one or more muscular, well-built men.Rate it:
beefcakeSuch a male, especially as seen as physically desirable.Rate it:
beefed outHaving been improved greatly or upgraded; beefed up.Rate it:
beefed outMuscular, often in an exaggerated way.Rate it:
been there, done thatAn assertion that the speaker has personal experience or knowledge of a particular place or topic and is now bored.Rate it:
been there, done that, bought the t-shirtExpresses the speaker's complete familiarity with a situation, with overtones of cynicism or exhaustion.Rate it:
been there, done that, got the t-shirtSame as been there, done that, bought the T-shirt.Rate it:
been to the rodeoExposed to conmen and hucksters; experienced.Rate it:
been to the rodeoN.d., Alan Neff, Precious Tribes, Vicious Lies, page 72.Rate it:

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