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bear upTo sail close to the wind.Rate it:
bear upTo endure hardship cheerfully.Rate it:
bear withTo be patient with.Rate it:
bear witnessgive evidenceRate it:
beard the lion in his denTo confront an adversary in his or her own environmentRate it:
beast with two backsTwo people engaged in sexual intercourse.Rate it:
beat a dead horseTo persist or continue far beyond any purpose, interest or reason.Rate it:
beat a retreatTo leave hastily in the face of opposition.Rate it:
beat around the bushevasive responses, implausible explanations, extrapolations instead of explanations.Rate it:
beat around the bushTo delay or avoid talking about something difficult or unpleasant.Rate it:
beat around the bushTo treat a topic but omit its main points, often intentionally.Rate it:
beat banaghanAn Irish saying of one who tells wonderful stories, or of something which is amazing and remarkable.Rate it:
beat downTo strike with great force.Rate it:
beat downTo haggle someone to sell at a lower price.Rate it:
beat downTo severely beat someone up.Rate it:
beat feetTo flee.Rate it:
beat feetTo run.Rate it:
beat itTo go away.Rate it:
beat it!Get the heck out of here!Rate it:
beat me to the punchSomeone Arrived Sooner, It Happened Too Fast:Rate it:
beat offTo drive something away with blows.Rate it:
beat offTo masturbate.Rate it:
beat offTo waste time.Rate it:
beat one's brainTo struggle to think or remember somethingRate it:
beat one's head against a stone wallTo waste effort on a futile project.Rate it:
beat one's meatTo masturbate.Rate it:
beat outTo sound a rhythm on a percussion instrument such as a drum.Rate it:
beat outTo extinguish.Rate it:
beat outTo win by a narrow margin.Rate it:
beat somebody to the punchTo do something before somebody else is able to.Rate it:
beat someone to the punchTo do something before somebody else is able to.Rate it:
beat someone's brains outTo beat someone very severely.Rate it:
beat the bishopTo masturbate.Rate it:
beat the clockTo perform a task or successfully complete an activity within a time limit.Rate it:
beat the clockTo be used or become operational before a deadline or date of expiration.Rate it:
beat the clockTo remain youthful; to live a long, healthy life.Rate it:
beat the clockPerform a task quickly or within a fixed time limit.Rate it:
beat the crap out ofTo beat really badly.Rate it:
beat the daylights out ofTo beat (someone) severelyRate it:
beat the daylights out ofTo defeat (someone) thoroughly and decisively, especially in a physical fight.Rate it:
beat the meatAlternative form of beat one's meat.Rate it:
beat the pants offTo thoroughly and decisively defeat someone, either in a physical fight or, figuratively, in a competition.Rate it:
beat the rapAvoid fines or punishment, receive forgiveness from family, friends, the law and the Boss for misdemeanors, infractions and Stupid Stunts.Rate it:
beat the shit out ofTo beat really badly.Rate it:
beat the stuffing out ofTo beat really badly.Rate it:
beat the stuffing out ofTo trounce, outdo, or triumph over.Rate it:
beat upTo give a severe beating to.Rate it:
beat upTo alarm by a sudden attack.Rate it:
beat upTo sail to windward using a series of alternate tacks across the wind.Rate it:
beat upTo cause by some other means, injuries comparable to the result of being beaten up.Rate it:

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