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bash the bishopTo masturbate (male).Rate it:
bash upTo assault someone with the intention of causing physical injury.Rate it:
basket caseOne made powerless or ineffective, as by nerves, panic or stress.Rate it:
basket houseA cafe or similar establishment where musical performances are given and the performers are then paid with money placed in a basket by members of the audience.Rate it:
bass-ackwardAlternative form of bass-ackwards.Rate it:
bass-ackwardsAlternative form of ass-backwards.Rate it:
bassackwardAlternative form of bass-ackwards.Rate it:
bassackwardsAlternative form of bass-ackwards.Rate it:
bastardly gullionA bastard's bastard.Rate it:
bat a thousandTo achieve perfection.Rate it:
bat a thousandTo achieve success at each attempt.Rate it:
bat a thousandTo reach first base on every at-bat.Rate it:
bat an eyelashTo react in any slight way; to respond.Rate it:
bat an eyelidTo react in any slight way; to respond.Rate it:
bat aroundWhen at least nine batters bat in a half inning.Rate it:
bat aroundTo discuss.Rate it:
bat awayTo knock an object, usually a ball.Rate it:
bat awayTo avoid by diverting the focus of a discussion.Rate it:
bat five hundredTo be successful half of the time, to have a success rate of 50%.Rate it:
bat for both sidesTo be a batter for both teams in an amateur baseball game.Rate it:
bat for the other teamTo be homosexual.Rate it:
bat one's eyelashesTo signal or feign by fluttering one's eyelids, as romantic interest.Rate it:
bat one's eyesTo signal or feign by fluttering one's eyelids, as romantic interest.Rate it:
bathtub ginGin or a similar alcoholic beverage which is of very poor quality, as if made by a homebrewer in a bathtub.Rate it:
batten downTo close or make watertight, referring to hatches and cargo.Rate it:
batten down the hatchesPrepare for trouble.Rate it:
battle cryBy extension, a strong motto or purpose statement, especially in regards to winning a goal in sports, games or work.Rate it:
battle crySomething the troops yell out when going to war or battle.Rate it:
bawdy basketThe twenty-third rank of canters, who carry pins, tape, ballads, and obscene books to sell, but live mostly by stealing.Rate it:
bawl outTo deliver a loud, hard scolding or lecture; to reprimand.Rate it:
bawl outTo have a serious argument accompanied with shouting.Rate it:
be a manTo put up with something or take responsibility for it; to deal with something, such as pain or misfortune, without complaining.Rate it:
be absorbed byLose one's identity in.Rate it:
be afterTo try to obtain.Rate it:
be afterTo try to capture.Rate it:
be all earsTo listen carefully or eagerly; to anticipate.Rate it:
be alongTo arrive.Rate it:
be an open bookOne's life and times can be an open book by simply sharing, answering queries, being forthright, carrying no baggage or disagreements.Rate it:
be aroundTo be alive, existent, or present.Rate it:
be as silent as the graveto say absolutely nothing (especially about a particular subject)Rate it:
be at one's beck and callTo be in the position of serving someone in any way they desire, usually unwillingly.Rate it:
be born yesterdayTo be new, naive, innocent, inexperienced, or easily deceived.Rate it:
be camera readyMaintain your photo equipment, prepare for instant accessibility, carry film of various speeds.Rate it:
be glad to see the back ofTo be glad to get rid of someone; to be glad someone has left.Rate it:
be had upTo be accused of, or arrested for a criminal act.Rate it:
be honest with youAn often used and often heard expression, probably utilized extensively to enhance one's integrity, approval and attractiveness.Rate it:
be in a spot of botherTo have a slight problem, to be in a predicament.Rate it:
be in forTo be able to expect or anticipate; to be about to suffer, generally said of something unpleasant.Rate it:
be in onTo be a party to a secret shared by a small group of people.Rate it:
be in one's altitudesTo be drunk.Rate it:

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