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baptism by fireA rite of passage through the survival or success of a crisis.Rate it:
baptism by fireA trying ordeal that was not experienced before.Rate it:
baptism of fireThe first experience of a severe ordeal, especially a first experience of military combatRate it:
bar flyA person who frequents bars or lounges to get drunk.Rate it:
bar noneWithout exception; excluding nothing else of the same kind.Rate it:
bar offto barricade with bars.Rate it:
bar sinisterA bend sinister or baton sinister in a coat of arms.Rate it:
bar sinisterThe state or characteristic of having been born out of wedlock; illegitimacy; bastardy.Rate it:
bar sinisterA state or characteristic which is dishonorable or shameful; a stigma.Rate it:
bar starA female who frequents bars or lounges, usually late at night.Rate it:
bar upto fit with bars (e.g. across a window or door)Rate it:
bare one's soulTo reveal one's innermost feelings and thoughts, especially concerning one's doubts, regrets, or flaws; to tell one's personal secrets to others.Rate it:
bare one's teethOf an animal, to show one's teeth as a sign of aggression.Rate it:
bare one's teethTo show one's aggression.Rate it:
bargain basementAn area within a retail store, especially an area located below ground level, where the least costly merchandise can be found.Rate it:
bargain basementInexpensive.Rate it:
bargain basementOf poor quality; of little or no value; low-end, shoddy.Rate it:
barge inTo intrude; to enter or interrupt suddenly and without invitation.Rate it:
bark up the wrong treeTo attempt or pursue the wrong thing; to take the wrong approach; to follow a false lead.Rate it:
barking dogs never biteAlternative form of barking dogs seldom bite.Rate it:
barking dogs seldom bitePeople who make big threats never usually carry them out.Rate it:
barking up the wrong treeA judgement call and assertion to another that he has miscalculated the reality of a situation.Rate it:
barking up the wrong tree!Picking the wrong person, the most unlikely person, to do, listen, or accept something.Rate it:
barking-up the wrong tree:{Coon Hunters Remark:} Coon Dogs Chase Raccoon up Trees. They Bark at the Tree so Hunter Can 'Shoot' Coon out of the Tree:Rate it:
Barmacide feastSomething that appears highly desirable, but proves to be imaginary, illusory and ultimately very disappointing.Rate it:
barn burnerAny successful or impressive event.Rate it:
barn findA valuable item recovered from an undeserving storage, usually in the countryside, where it lay more or less forgotten, especially vintage automobiles (Ferrari, Porsche, etc.)Rate it:
barnburnerLiberal faction of the New York state United States Democratic Party in the mid 19th century.Rate it:
barrelA jar. 1 Kings xvii. 12.Rate it:
barrelA metallic tube, as of a gun, from which a projectile is discharged.Rate it:
barrelA round vessel or cask, of greater length than breadth, and bulging in the middle, made of staves bound with hoops, and having flat ends or heads. Sometimes applied to a similar cylindrical container made of metal, usually called a drum.Rate it:
barrelA solid drum, or a hollow cylinder or case.Rate it:
barrelA tube.Rate it:
barrelA waste receptacle.Rate it:
barrelA wave that breaks with a hollow compartment.Rate it:
barrelThe hollow basal part of a feather.Rate it:
barrelThe quantity which constitutes a full barrel. This varies for different articles and also in different places for the same article, being regulated by custom or by law. A barrel of wine is 31 1/2 gallons; a barrel of flour is 196 pounds; of beer 31 gallons; of ale 32 gallons; of crude oil 42 gallons.Rate it:
barrelThe ribs and belly of a horse or pony.Rate it:
barrel of laughsA toy in the shape of a barrel that emits sounds of laughter.Rate it:
barrel of laughsThat which is enjoyable or entertaining.Rate it:
barrel of laughsThat which is immature, embarrassing, or disgraceful.Rate it:
barrel of monkeysSomething very funny or amusing.Rate it:
barrow manA man under sentence of transportation; alluding to the convicts at Woolwich, who are principally employed in wheeling barrows full of brick or dirt.Rate it:
base over apexFalling over in a jumbled heap.Rate it:
based on experiencethe purpose or a new work can be designed having few numbers or data from the previous successful execution.Rate it:
basement battlerA team in or around the relegation zone.Rate it:
bash aboutTo physically damage something or assault someone.Rate it:
bash inTo break or dent badly by hitting violently.Rate it:
bash inTo injure someone by hitting violently.Rate it:
bash outTo write something very quickly, without much thought.Rate it:

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