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ballpark estimateA ballpark figure, a very rough approximation.Rate it:
ballpark figureAn educated guess or estimation within acceptable bounds.Rate it:
ballpoint penwriting implementRate it:
balls to the wallFull throttle; (at) maximum speed. [since the 1960s]Rate it:
balls to the wall(With) maximum effort or commitment. [since the 1960s]Rate it:
balls upThird-person singular simple present indicative form of ball up.Rate it:
balls-outExtreme, extremely greatRate it:
balls-outWith great abandon.Rate it:
balls-outAt the fastest possible speed.Rate it:
balls-upSomething which becomes muddled or botched in some way.Rate it:
BallyhooB_S. /Blow-Hard,/ 'Blowing Smoke'/ Political PosturingRate it:
balum rancumA hop or dance, where the women are all prostitutes. N. B. The company dance in their birthday suits.Rate it:
bamboo ceilingEspecially in America, a social barrier to further promotion or progression, in employment and elsewhere, for a person of East Asian ethnicity.Rate it:
bamboo ceilingIn East Asia, a social barrier to further promotion or progression, in employment and elsewhere, for women.Rate it:
banana republicA small country, especially one in Central America, that is dependent on a single export commodity (traditionally bananas) and that has a corrupt, dictatorial government.Rate it:
banana splitdessert dishRate it:
Banbury story of a cock and a bullA roundabout, nonsensical story.Rate it:
band togetherform a groupRate it:
bandwidthwork loadRate it:
banga loud noise, usually a form of distractionRate it:
bang aboutTo make a lot of percussive noise while doing an activity.Rate it:
bang aroundTo make a lot of percussive noise while doing an activity.Rate it:
bang awayto strike or hit repeatedlyRate it:
bang awayto work tirelesslyRate it:
bang awayto constantly and irritatingly talk (about)Rate it:
bang for the buckEfficiency; cost-effectiveness; value.Rate it:
bang onExactly at.Rate it:
bang on aboutTo keep talking endlessly about the same subject.Rate it:
bang outTo do something quickly, in a slipshod, or unprofessional manner.Rate it:
bang strawA nick name for a thresher, but applied to all the servants of a farmer.Rate it:
bang to rightsCaught red-handed; in a guilty state.Rate it:
bang upExcellent.Rate it:
bang upHe’s doing a bang up good job..Rate it:
bang up coveA dashing fellow who spends his money freely.Rate it:
bang up jobSomething done very well; something performed above average or better than expected.Rate it:
banged upPhysically injured or wounded.Rate it:
banged upSpending time in prison or jail.Rate it:
bank nightAn event where patrons are enticed to buy entry tickets into some venue, for example a movie theater, with the anticipation that they will be entered into a drawing to win an amount of money if their ticket is drawn and they are on-site at the time of the winning.Rate it:
bank onTo be sure of something. To depend on it.Rate it:
bank upTo press a mound of something against something else.Rate it:
bank upTo make a mound to guard against something.Rate it:
bankbookpassbook, chequebookRate it:
bankbookwealthRate it:
banker's dozenElevenRate it:
banker's dozenBy analogy, a method of lending where the interest is deducted beforehand, archetypally borrowing twelve dollars (owing twelve dollars back, a dozen) but actually receiving only eleven.Rate it:
bankers' hoursAny easy job, especially one with a short working day.Rate it:
bankers' hoursThe period between 10am and 3pm.Rate it:
banyan dayIn British naval tradition, this originally referred to a day of the week when galley kitchens served no meat on board ship.Rate it:
banyan dayIn modern usage it refers to a picnic or cookout for the ship's crew.Rate it:
baptism by fireA change in initial attitude or ideals through a traumatic situation.Rate it:

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