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by a long shotBy a wide margin; indicates a very big difference or disparity.Rate it:
by all accountsAccording to all available accounts or reports.Rate it:
by all accountsAccording to everything that people have said.Rate it:
by all meansYes certainly; definitely.Rate it:
by and byGradually,after a timeRate it:
by and largeMostly, generally; with few exceptions.Rate it:
by any chancepossibly; perhapsRate it:
by any meansin any manner whatsoever.Rate it:
by dint ofBy reason of; by means of.Rate it:
by farout and awayRate it:
by farTo a considerably large extent, easily.Rate it:
by guess or by goshat randomRate it:
by halvesPartially, incompletely; inadequately, halfheartedly, shoddily.Rate it:
by handManually; without the use of automation or machines.Rate it:
by heartKnowing completely; as having committed completely to memory.Rate it:
by hook or by crookBy any means possible; one way or another.Rate it:
by leaps and boundsRapidly. Said of making progress.Rate it:
by mistakeby accident; without intention to do soRate it:
by no meansCertainly not; definitely not.Rate it:
by one's lightsAccording to one's understanding.Rate it:
by one's own handAs a result of one's own actions, especially with reference to death by suicide.Rate it:
by oneselfAlone; without assistance, accompaniment, or help from others.Rate it:
by rightsProperly, in justice.Rate it:
by the bookIn a manner which adheres strictly to rules, legal requirements, or official procedures.Rate it:
by the byUsed to introduce a new topic; incidentally.Rate it:
by the grace of godBy divine right.Rate it:
by the grace of godUsed as part of the titles of royalty.Rate it:
by the grace of the almightyThrough the kindness of the AlmightyRate it:
by the numbersTo do something exactly, precisely, or in a formulaic way.Rate it:
by the same tokenFor a similar reason; in a similar manner; similarly; likewise; along the same lines.Rate it:
by the seat of your pantsAn aviator's term, Cross country flying, navigating via ground observation of landmarks, arrows on rooftops. water towers, railroad tracks, roadways, radio/TV towers; and by the 'seat of your pants'.Rate it:
by the skin of one's teethBarely; closely; by a narrow margin; with nothing to spare.Rate it:
by the timeWhen.Rate it:
by the wayHis mother will be coming for dinner tomorrow, and, by the way, she volunteered to bring dessert.Rate it:
by the wayIncidentally; a parenthetical statement not timely, central, or crucial to the topic at hand; foregone, passed by, something that has already happened.Rate it:
by the way[...] I had counted on a life-lease of the profits, whereas I only received those of a few short years. But this is by the way.Rate it:
by tradeAs a profession; professionally.Rate it:
by virtue ofBecause of; on the grounds of; by reason of; due to; based on.Rate it:
by-the-bookAdhering strictly to rules, legal requirements, or official procedures.Rate it:
by-the-numbersDone in a predictable manner; formulaic.Rate it:
by/in leaps and boundsvery quickly, in large amountsRate it:
bye-byeGoodbye.Rate it:
bystander effectUsed other than as an idiom: see bystander, effect.Rate it:
bystander effectThat someone is less likely to help another if other potential helpers are present than otherwise.Rate it:

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