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bad nameLack of reverence or esteem. Poor reputation.Rate it:
bad newsAn irritating, troublesome, or harmful person, situation, or thing.Rate it:
bad newsNews of unpleasant, unfortunate or sad events.Rate it:
bad pennyA counterfeit or damaged penny.Rate it:
bad pennyA person or thing which is unpleasant, disreputable, or otherwise unwanted, especially one which repeatedly appears at inopportune times.Rate it:
bad taste in one's mouthA feeling of disappointment and frustration.Rate it:
bad taste in one's mouthA feeling of guilt, responsibility, or embarrassment as to cause nausea.Rate it:
bad taste in one's mouthA feeling something is morally despicable as to cause nausea.Rate it:
bad to the boneCompletely bad and evil; pure evil.Rate it:
bad wordA vulgar word.Rate it:
badge bunnyA woman who is romantically attracted to police officers and who seeks out their companionship.Rate it:
bag and baggageAll one's possessions.Rate it:
bag of bonesA skinny, malnourished person.Rate it:
bag of rationsA fussy or overly zealous military superior.Rate it:
bag of shellsUsed other than as an idiom: see bag, shell.Rate it:
bag of shellsA trifle.Rate it:
bag of tricksA set of skills, techniques, items of information, or other resources used to help achieve professional or personal goals.Rate it:
bag of tricksA collection of items, especially as constituting a very complete set of such items.Rate it:
bag of windA windbag.Rate it:
baggageHeavy baggage; women and children. Also a familiar epithet for a woman; as, cunning baggage, wanton baggage, &c.Rate it:
baggageIn a metaphorical sense, factors that restrict a person's freedom, often in an intellectual or psychological way: emotional baggage.Rate it:
baggageLuggage; traveling equipment.Rate it:
bail outTo secure the release of an arrested person by providing bail money.Rate it:
bail outTo remove water from a boat by scooping it out.Rate it:
bail outTo exit an aircraft while in flight.Rate it:
bail outTo rescue, especially financially.Rate it:
bail outTo leave or not attend.Rate it:
bail out onTo abandon, or stop supporting someone or something.Rate it:
bake upto prepare by bakingRate it:
baker's dozenCousin.Rate it:
baker's dozenThirteen, a group of thirteen.Rate it:
baker's half dozenSeven, a group of seven.Rate it:
bakers dozenThirteen.Rate it:
baking powderyeast substituteRate it:
balance outTo counteract one another so as to be balanced.Rate it:
balance the booksTo add up all the debits and credits.Rate it:
balance the booksTo put or keep any closed or conservative system or its analysis in balance.Rate it:
balancing actA performance that involves balancing things precariously and suspensefully.Rate it:
balancing actAn effort to manage many conflicting or competing items or interests.Rate it:
bald as a billiard ballOne whom has lost much hair and prematurely bald.Rate it:
bald as a coottotally bald; without any hair on one's head.Rate it:
bald eagleamerican birdRate it:
bale outAlternative spelling of bail out.Rate it:
bale upto pack or collect into a bale or bundle.Rate it:
ball of fireA person who is especially hard-working, high-achieving, ambitious, or active.Rate it:
ball upTo crush into a ball shape.Rate it:
ball upTo hunch over and pull in one's arms and legs.Rate it:
ball-breakerA person or task which is excessively demanding or punishing.Rate it:
balloon goes upSomething exciting or dangerous begins.Rate it:
balloon knotThe anus.Rate it:

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