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beer and skittlesFun times.Rate it:
beer and skittlesSomething pleasurable.Rate it:
beer gogglesThe illusion that people are more attractive, brought on by alcohol consumption.Rate it:
beer musclesAn aggressive attitude resulting from consumption of an alcoholic beverage.Rate it:
beer musclesA protruding stomach, supposedly indicative of excessive consumption of beer.Rate it:
beetle-browedhaving bushy dark and messy eyebrows; frowning; unfriendly in appearanceRate it:
before someone's timeFrom before one was born or old enough to be aware of the world.Rate it:
before someone's timeAt a stage in one's life, development, etc. that seems premature.Rate it:
before you can say jack robinsonVery quickly. Quicker than you expect.Rate it:
beg for mercyThis can be taken quite literally and simply means to plead for kindness - either to be spared or at least killed as quickly and painlessly as possible. Particularly when you are in a helpless position.Rate it:
beg offTo avoid, or cancel some event that one has previously arranged with someone.Rate it:
beg to differTo differ strongly in opinion or interpretation.Rate it:
beggars can't be choosers(proverb) When resources are limited, one must accept even substandard gifts.Rate it:
beginner's luckrefers to the supposed phenomenon of novices experiencing disproportionate frequency of success or succeeding against an expert in a given activity. One would expect experts to outperform novices - when the opposite happens it is counter-intuitive, hence the need for a term to describe this phenomenon.Rate it:
beginning to see the lightan awakening, an awareness, sudden realization, recognizing a situation.Rate it:
behind barsIn jail or prison.Rate it:
behind closed doorsPublic disclosure.Rate it:
behind its timeShowing characteristics of the past; present in one's work after later advances in the field; coming later than could be generally accepted.Rate it:
behind somebody's backWithout somebody's knowledge; secretly.Rate it:
behind someone's backWithout somebody's knowledge; secretly.Rate it:
behind the bitAn equestrian term, meaning that the horse is evading the bit.Rate it:
behind the counterOf drugs, dispensed by a pharmacist without needing a doctor's prescription or other form of compliance.Rate it:
behind the eight ballAt a disadvantage.Rate it:
behind the eight-ballIn a difficult situation or tight spot.Rate it:
behind the scenesIn secret; out of public view.Rate it:
behind the timesOut of date; old-fashioned; obsolete; outmoded; outdated.Rate it:
behind timeLate, arriving late.Rate it:
being thatsince or because.Rate it:
belemnite battlefieldA fossil site with an unusually high concentration of belemnite rostra.Rate it:
BelgravianOf or pertaining to Belgravia, London.Rate it:
BelgravianOf or pertaining to the fashionable or aristocratic life; fashionable, aristocratic.Rate it:
BelgravianA resident of Belgravia, London; by extension a member of the fashionable or aristocratic society assumed to reside in Belgravia.Rate it:
believe inTo ascribe existence to.Rate it:
believe inTo ascribe some powers or other attributes to.Rate it:
believe it or notAn expression made famous by Ripley in his news column featuring difficult to believe facts, events, situations, people, truisms.Rate it:
believe it or notYou may not believe the following, but it is true.Rate it:
believe one's eyesTo believe that something which one directly sees is truly the case.Rate it:
believe you meAn emphatic form of "believe me"; you [the subject] had better believe me [the speaker].Rate it:
believe you me!An expression of self assuredness, self confidence, knowledge of facts in the matter.Rate it:
bell it outAn electricians methodology to assure continuity in an electrical circuit. Utilizing and applying a low voltage power source to a circuit and applying a pretested door bell to the opposite end of the circuit to prove continuity.Rate it:
bell outTo open out into a bell shape.Rate it:
bell the catTo undertake a dangerous action in the service of a group.Rate it:
bells and whistlesExtra features added for show rather than function; fancy additions or features.Rate it:
belly upDead or defunct.Rate it:
belly-up to the barFriendly invitation to individual to 'join the group for libation and conversationRate it:
below parHaving a price below its face value.Rate it:
below parLess than par for the hole or course.Rate it:
below parNot up to the average or normal standard.Rate it:
below the beltOf a punch, landing illegally, below the opponent's waist.Rate it:
below the beltUnfair; dirty; not according to the generally accepted rules.Rate it:

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