Found 40 phrases starting with AR:

arch dellThe head of a gang of female canters or gypsies.Rate it:
arch doxyThe head of a gang of female canters or gypsies.Rate it:
are you deafUsed other than as an idiom: see are, you, deaf.Rate it:
are you deafA rhetorical question asked to confront a nondeaf interlocutor who has been rudely neglecting to hear something.Rate it:
are you for real?Statements, actions. Body language, past history create an image of an individual in a particular situation.Rate it:
are you taking any medications?Asked mostly by doctors and nurses to ascertain whether certain drugs should not be given to patients, as they may interact adversely with other medications.Rate it:
are your ears burningSaid of somebody who was not present but was the topic of discussion.Rate it:
area of influenceUsed other than as an idiom: see area, influence.Rate it:
area of influenceA geographical area wherein a commander is directly capable of influencing operations by maneuver or fire support systems normally under the commander's command or control.Rate it:
argue outTo discuss to reach an agreed conclusion, or decision.Rate it:
ark ruffianRogues who, in conjunction with watermen, robbed, and sometimes murdered, on the water, by picking a quarrel with the passengers in a boat, boarding it, plundering, stripping, and throwing them overboard, etc. A species of badger.Rate it:
arm and a legA relatively high price for an item or service; an exorbitant price.Rate it:
arm candyAn attractive, seemingly romantic companion who accompanies a person in public simply so that one or both of the individuals can gain attention, enhance social status, or create an impression of sexual appeal.Rate it:
arm to the teethTo equip thoroughly with weapons.Rate it:
arm upto supply, or be supplied with, arms (weapons)Rate it:
arm's lengthBarely within reach.Rate it:
arm's lengthDistant, detached.Rate it:
arm's lengthIndependent, but related.Rate it:
armed forcesThe ServicesRate it:
armoured carmilitary vehicleRate it:
army volunteerTo make someone perform a task or duty, especially one they are not prepared or willing to do.Rate it:
around robin hood's barnAll over the place.Rate it:
around robin hood's barnThe long way around; a roundabout or circuitous route.Rate it:
around the bendCrazy, insane.Rate it:
around the clockAll the time or seemingly all the time; constantly.Rate it:
around the cornerImminent.Rate it:
around the HornVia shipboard communications, formerly metal tubes with earhorn-like ends.Rate it:
around the HornFollowing the extremely hazardous naval route around Cape Horn, the southernmost point in South America.Rate it:
arrive atTo reach.Rate it:
arse aboutUsed other than as an idiom: see arse, about.Rate it:
arse aboutTo turn round.Rate it:
arse aboutThe wrong way round; exactly opposite to that which is desirable; contrary; conceptually inverted; wrong.Rate it:
arse about faceSomething that is placed or arranged the opposite way to the way it should be.Rate it:
arse end of nowhereA very remote place.Rate it:
arse over titTumbling; falling; upside-down; unstable or unbalanced.Rate it:
arsy varseyTumbling upside down; head over heels.Rate it:
arsy varsyTumbling upside down; head over heels; backwards.Rate it:
arsy versyTumbling upside down; head over heels; backwards.Rate it:
artful dodgerA crafty person who commits minor crimes or behaves in a rather unscrupulous manner.Rate it:
artful dodgerOne who deftly evades obstacles, pursuers, inconveniences, or other difficulties.Rate it:

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