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all hollowCommon misspelling of all hallow.Rate it:
all importantvitalRate it:
all inexhaustedRate it:
all intired outRate it:
all in a day's workA nonchalant dismissal of a significant accomplishment.Rate it:
all in alleverything consideredRate it:
all in allGenerally; for the most part; mostly.Rate it:
all it's cracked up to beAs good as claims or reputation would suggest.Rate it:
all kidding asideUsed to attempt to make a serious point in a jocular conversation.Rate it:
all mouth and no trousersSuperficial, engaging in empty, boastful talk, but not of real substance.Rate it:
all mouth and trousersSuperficial, engaging in empty, boastful talk, but not of real substance.Rate it:
all nationsA composition of all the different spirits sold in a dram-shop, collected in a vessel into which the drainings of the bottles and quartern pots are emptied.Rate it:
all of a suddenAdv suddenly, quickly.Rate it:
all of a suddenwithout warningRate it:
all of the suddenSuddenly, rapidly.Rate it:
all one's eggs in one basketDevoting all of one’s resources to one thing.Rate it:
all one's eggs in one basketInvesting heavily in just one area.Rate it:
all one's life's worthA momentous matter; a very serious risk; a difficult task or situation.Rate it:
all outusing maximum effortRate it:
all outThe state of a side having no more men to bat, thus ending its innings.Rate it:
all overDone; finished; complete.Rate it:
all over but the shoutingThe substance of the contest is complete, leaving only the cheering.Rate it:
all over grumbleInferior.Rate it:
all over grumbleUnsatisfactory.Rate it:
all over hell's half acreAll over the place; everywhere.Rate it:
all over the boardShowing a wide range of values with no particular pattern.Rate it:
all over the mapWidely scattered or distributed; numerous and differing greatly.Rate it:
all over the placeEverywhere, especially chaotically or in such a way as to make a mess.Rate it:
all over the placeInconsistent; lacking a clear pattern.Rate it:
all over the shopEverywhere, scattered, disorganised.Rate it:
all over withCompletely finished; over.Rate it:
all right, my loverAn informal affectionate greeting.Rate it:
all rights reservedThe copyright holder of a creative work reserves all copyright-related rights, typically including the right to publish the work, to make derivative works of it, to distribute it, to make profit from it, to license a number of these rights to other people, and to forbid these uses by any unauthorized people, thus being entitled to take legal action against infringement.Rate it:
all roads lead to romedifferent paths can take one to the same goalRate it:
all rounderversatile cricketerRate it:
all setReady; prepared.Rate it:
all sizzle and no steakA thing or person which fails to measure up to its description or advanced promotion.Rate it:
all talk and no actionSpeaking, promising, or boasting much, but doing littleRate it:
all talk and no ciderAll talk and no results.Rate it:
all thatVery.Rate it:
all that glisters is not goldAlternative form of all that glitters is not gold.Rate it:
all that glitters is not goldThings that appear valuable or worthwhile might not actually be so, things that look nice might not be as good as they look.Rate it:
all that jazzEverything else related to something; other similar things.Rate it:
all the marblesEverything; all that is to be had.Rate it:
all the rageVery fashionable and popular, like a craze.Rate it:
all the sameAnyway; nevertheless; nonetheless.Rate it:
all the tea in chinaSomething priceless or invaluable.Rate it:
all the timeAlways; constantly; for the complete duration.Rate it:
all the timeVery often; frequently.Rate it:
all the way to egery and backThe long way; a roundabout route; a long distance to travel.Rate it:

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