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10 Downing StreetThe address of the residence in London of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.Rate it:
10 Downing StreetThe title or office of the Prime Minister.Rate it:
10 Downing StreetThe government of the United Kingdom.Rate it:
110 proofUsed other than as an idiom: 55% alcohol by volume..Rate it:
110 proofStronger than strong.Rate it:
110 proofIntensely; strongly.Rate it:
12-ounce curlsDrinking beer.Rate it:
15 minutes of fameA very short time in the spotlight or brief flurry with fame, after which the person or subject involved is quickly forgotten.Rate it:
1600 Pennsylvania AvenueThe residence and offices of the President and certain members of his staff.Rate it:
1600 Pennsylvania AvenueThe current President and the closest members of his administration.Rate it:
20The cardinal number twenty.Rate it:
23 skidoo[c. 1908-1923] To leave, particularly quickly or at an advantageous time.Rate it:
23 skidoo[c. 1908-1923] To be forced to leave quickly.Rate it:
23 Skidoo Street[c. 1900] A fictitious place or a generic place that could refer to any location.Rate it:
3-on-the-treeAlternative spelling of three-on-the-tree.Rate it:
3-on-the-treeOn an automobile (especially those produced from 1939 through the mid-1970s), a three-speed manual transmission whose gearshift lever is mounted on the steering column.Rate it:
4-on-the-floorAlternative spelling of four-on-the-floor.Rate it:
800-pound gorillaAn entity that dominates its environment.Rate it:
800-pound gorillaSomething dangerous, menacing, or spooky that is obvious but not addressed.Rate it:

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